A 55-year-old woman visits her physician to consult about hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Her physician discuss with her pros and cons of using HRT. Which one of these benefits is gained by the use of HRT?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Ray Makar
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  • Princess8 Months Ago

    YOU are doing great with this app, thanks for supporting the profession, am tagged one of the dumbest, and i know it already.... May all students who are preparing for USMLE , all over the world benefit from this.....Ebey3yie nkakrakakra lo

  • Princess8 Months Ago

    oops sorry,..that was a typo...errors i sent earlier....Ray

  • Princess8 Months Ago

    study skills, SOME md understand best with the fff . associated to de explanation ..eg.PICMONIC, on my mind....my humble opinion Rainy Maker

  • Princess8 Months Ago

    FURTHER AID WITH PICTURES , VEDIO ,,> MEDIA for easy understanding if all types of MD student WITH Different mode of study, thought T for thyriod o homone ass.with realeasing thyroid ? HRT

Published in Gynaecology and Obstetrics on Dec 18, 2016